Outback Laboratories is proud to present Therma Plus, a new way to apply heat therapy for muscle recovery.

Therma Plus is a cream that has been designed to relief symptomatic pain in muscles and ligaments. Especially suitable for back pain, as well as discomfort in the neck area, the lower back and the ankles. The therapeutic benefit of the external application of heat is down to the increased blood flow to the treated area, which brings more oxygen and nutrients, due to the dilation of the blood vessels, and the subsequent elimination of the agents which cause inflammation and pain.

Therma Plus works with the benefits of natural vanilla extract, the active properties of which act directly on the peripheral nerve endings, producing strong heating effect. As well as standing out for its pleasant smell, vanilla has a high antioxidant capacity, much appreciated for the protection and care it offers to the skin. The heat effect produced by natural vanilla extracts, placed directly onto the treatment area, is far better than most regular heat therapy methods, and has no unwanted side effects.

Without doubt, Therma Plus constitutes a new way of treating muscular and joint pain, without burns or rashes, as it includes calendula, arnica and St John’s wort in its composition.


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