Arctic Plus is a cold effect gel that has been specially designed to prevent and reduce inflammatory pain from the very first signs. Cold therapy is specifically for the calming of inflammatory processes before swelling occurs and which may be the result of sprains, bruises or bad posture.

Furthermore, Arctic Plus combines the cold effect with the aromatic properties of relaxing and anti-inflammatory plant extracts such as arnica, St John’s Wort and calendula. The application of cold restricts blood flow by constricting the blood vessels of the area, slowing down the inflammatory process.

Arctic Plus also works with the benefits of menthol, which brings an immediate feeling of cold, and camphor, which also acts as a mild antiseptic and analgesic. Both products are great decongestants of the upper respiratory system, improving nasal ventilation and helping towards overall wellbeing.

An Outback Nature’s Pharmacy SLU product.


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