Improving your daily life

Offering natural products using the most advanced emulsion techniques and keeping our customers’ needs satisfied with excellent results, makes the difference. OutBack products merge research and modern technology with ancestral knowledge and wisdom, making
exceptional unique effective and innovative products possible, with natural active ingredients and a quality guarantee.

OutBack Laboratories is always by your side with products designed for your daily wellbeing with natural active ingredients that stand out for their medicinal analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Outback means far away, isolated, where there is nothing else. It is the name given to the Australian desert, where the Aboriginals have lived for 50,000 years. This fact alone is conclusive evidence of their knowledge and capacity of adaptation to one of the most extreme environments known to mankind. During all this time they have shown their perfect command over natural resources, living solely off “nature’s pharmacy”.

Outback Nature’s Pharmacy

Outback Nature’s Pharmacy SLU is inspired by all these concepts. We aim to offer unique products that benefit the wellbeing of everybody using natural remedies with recognised medicinal properties that are backed by the most ancient cultures and traditions

If we add research and modern technology to this ancestral knowledge, the result is leading products such as the whole range of Kyrocream tech&natural products and the excellent Therma Plus and Artic Plus.

Improving your daily life.


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