Outback Nature’s Pharmacy is the exclusive distributor of the brand KT TAPE, top selling Kinesiotaping product in USA.

KT TAPE stands out for its effectiveness in pain relief, offering stability and support for injured muscles and joints while maintaining comfort and freedom of movement. The brand has been specially designed for sports professionals as well as those who refuse to stop training playing or enjoying a fully life because of discomfort or muscle pain.

You can choose between KT TAPE ORIGINAL, 100% cotton strengthened in several coverings to offer long-lasting resistance, or KT TAPE PRO, the only 100% synthetic Kinesiotape in the world, which can be used for between 4 and 7 days in adverse conditions of moisture, cold or even in the swimming pool.

Discover the whole range, specialities and wide variety of colours of KT TAPE. Write to us at at.cliente@outback.es and we will help you to choose the KT TAPE which best suits your needs.

Outback Nature’s Pharmacy manufactures and distributes the leading physiotherapy brands for muscle and joint wellbeing KyrocreamKyrocream Sport, Therma Plus and Arctic Plus. With the incorporation of KT TAPE to our catalogue of products we can confirm our commitment to improving your daily life, without discomfort or muscle pain.

Improving your daily life.




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