Outback Laboratories

presents Kyrocream GelOil, the only professional massage oil with grenadine seed oil (Omega 5) providing benefits to the skin, such as care, regeneration, hydration and softening.

Kyrocream GelOil is formulated with almond oil and grenadine seed oil, which has a considerable antioxidant action. Specially designed for professional use, it allows a prolonged massage and helps bring about the optimal performance of therapeutic movements. Kyrocream GelOil cares for your hands and helps towards cellular regeneration of the skin, offering elasticity, softness and comfort.

The gelled texture of Kyrocream GelOil represents a significant breakthrough in the way oils are used in professional massage. Comfortable to apply and cleaner to use, its packaging has a dispenser valve that always dispenses the same amount of the product, avoiding excess oil or the problems of spillage and wastage.

Kyrocream Gel Oil will help you to adapt the extension and durability of your Kyrocream massage cream to your application and treatment needs.

Ask for information in writing to at.cliente@outback.es and find out what it means to give a technical and natural professional massage with the entire range of Kyrocream products.




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