Kyrocream Sport Hot

Sport warm up

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Kyrocream Sport Hot, a heat rub cream particularly suitable for sports massage.

Made from de arnica, St John’s wort, calendula and natural vanilla extract.

Thanks to the benefits of its natural ingredients (arnica, St John’s wort and calendula) it prepares muscles and ligaments for physical exercise. It also helps muscle recovery and relieves tiredness after intense physical activity. Kyrocream Sport Hot innovatively incorporates natural vanilla extracts into the Kyrocream original formula, the best natural ally against intense muscle strain. The vanilloids stimulate the sensorial nervous system and exert a noticeable analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Use Kyrocream Sport Hot during your regular warm up routine and stretches. It will help you to maintain the necessary muscle elasticity to prevent injuries (muscle contractions, muscle pulls, cramps, aches and pains, etc.). And it will allow you to enjoy your favourite sport as never before.

In your local physiotherapy centre, gym or sports shop. Also in pharmacies.

Kyrocream Sport Hot 120ml. CN: 169753.0

(forget about pain)

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