Kyrocream Sport Ice

Muscle recovery

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Kyrocream Sport Ice, a cooling gel specially prepared for sports massage.

Made from de arnica, St John’s wort, calendula and ravintsara oil.

Kyrocream Sport Ice reduces muscle fatigue and helps you to get back to your optimum level, assisting muscle relaxation and wellbeing. Kyrocream Sport Ice incorporates the highly-valued ravintsara oil into the original Kyrocream formula, a type of camphor used since ancient times for recovering from profound tiredness and relieving the joint and muscle pains associated with extreme and prolonged physical strain.

Kyrocream Sport Ice is the perfect compliment for your regular training routine or sports competitions. It will help you to recover more quickly from the physical exertion and it will relieve any feeling of muscle fatigue.

In your local physiotherapy centre, gym or sports shop. Also in pharmacies.

Kyrocream Sport Ice 120ml. CN: 169754.7

(forget about pain)

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