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Kyrocream Original, a benchmark cream in physiotherapy for the prevention and recovery of muscular and ligament problems.

Made from arnica, St John’s Wort and calendula.

Kyrocream is the result of the exact combination of arnica, St John’s wort and calendula, three plants which have long been well-known for their capacity to prevent and help in the recovery from muscle and articulation problems. Kyrocream will help you to avoid injury during daily exercise, as it increases elasticity of muscles and ligaments. A deep massage with Kyrocream relieves the tiredness associated with daily activity or intense physical effort.

Kyrocream, a cream free from drugs, has been tested under dermatological and paediatrical control, as well as in primary eye irritation. Particularly indicated for family use.

The natural and technical solution for muscles and ligaments.

You will find it in your pharmacy and specialist centre. You may also ask your physiotherapist for a massage with Kyrocream.

Kyrocream 10ml. CN: 175057.0
Kyrocream 60ml. CN: 166422.8
Kyrocream 250ml. CN:166423.5

(forget about pain)

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